Company Profile

Tecnomeccanica, owned by Franco Formia, is located in Casale di Mazzè (TO).
The company initially offered equipment for snow removal systems and forestation.
Today, the product line includes three additional sectors: construction (helicoidal roller lime distributer and multipurpose lifts), agriculture (hydraulic grabs and harrows) and the “ greens” sector for gardens and areas dedicated to sport or special cultivations, like fruit orchards or citrus and olive groves.

Tecnomeccanica carries out the design, welding, painting, assembly, and inspection of its own machinery. Over the past ten years, production has grown steadily, also thanks to the development of the sales distribution network.
This positive trend is the result of a company policy that pursues increased quality standards and constant attention to various client needs. All Tecnomeccanica components, whether hydraulic or mechanical, are strictly manufactured in Italy.

The company is committed to the continual improvement of its products in terms of both efficiency and safety.
A new 600 square-metre building is nearly ready to house the assembly department, warehouse, and new offices.
The current 1000 square metre building will be entirely dedicated to production. The outdoor area covers 5,000 square metres and will be reorganised with a new access road and loading/unloading yard.