Building and Snow Removal equipment

Edilizia e Viabilità

The FREE WAY brand name encompasses the sector dedicated to road snow removal within the wide range of Tecnomeccanica products.
The newest addition to this line is the motorised snowplough, ideal for snow removal along pedestrian walkways, pavements, and small urban spaces, thanks to its compact size and ease in handling. Tecnomeccanica also offers a vast assortment of salt spreaders, including the Self-loading salt spreader with broadcast distribution, used for the uniform distribution of salt and/or other anti-slip materials.
Other products created for construction can also be used in agriculture, like the Lime spreader with helicoidal roller, created for the uniform distribution of quicklime and the multipurpose lift, either with forks, which are very useful for handling round bales or pallets, or with a hydraulic bucket. .